How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Posted by: Philadelphia Eye Associates in LASIK Surgery on January 8, 2023

Written by Olivia Dutton and edited by Brad Feldman, MD

After becoming FDA-approved over 25 years ago, laser vision correction (including LASIK and PRK) quickly became one of the most popular elective surgeries in the United States. LASIK and PRK offer freedom from glasses or contacts. Like many elective surgeries, they are not covered by insurance and require upfront payment or financing.

What does laser vision correction cost?

Our price for LASIK or PRK at the Wills Eye Hospital is $2,250 per eye, or $4,500 in total. This covers all pre-operative testing, surgery, and postoperative follow-up for the first year. At our practice, there is only one price, regardless of the amount of correction or astigmatism. We only offer bladeless, all-laser Custom LASIK and never discount the price by offering lower quality surgery. All eyes deserve the best technology. 

In 2020, MarketScope estimated that the average price of LASIK in the United States is $2,633 per eye, or $5,265 in total. Therefore, our all-inclusive package is $750 less than the national average.

What about $999 LASIK? Or $250 per eye? What’s with these “cheap” options?

Buyer beware — these options typically are a bait-and-switch. These advertised prices often are for older technologies, such as non-Custom LASIK or blade-cutting LASIK (rather than all-laser), that most informed patients would not choose. Also, many of these advertisers use add-ons to increase the total price to a level similar to (or even higher than) the national average. With something as important as your vision, it is smart to research thoroughly when a deal seems too good to be true.

At Philadelphia Eye Associates, we offer only the best to every patient. If you are interested in LASIK or PRK, then we’d love to help you see better!

Financing option

PatientFi partners with vision practices to eliminate cost barriers by offering patient friendly monthly plans, so more patients can say yes to the elective procedures they want.

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