Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye. This clouding prevents light from entering the eye, like you are looking through a dirty window.

Cataracts are a normal, age-related process, and most people develop cataracts around the age of 60. Certain factors can cause cataracts in younger individuals:

  • Diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Eye injury
  • Retina surgery
  • Steroids and other medications

Cataract surgery is almost always optional — if you are not bothered by your cataracts, then you typically do not need surgery. If your cataracts are causing blurred vision and light sensitivity that impact reading, TV, driving, and other daily activities, then cataract surgery can improve your vision and your quality of life. Rarely, cataracts can cause a type of glaucoma that is treated with cataract surgery even if your vision is not bothering you. Your surgeon will discuss your options and help you pick the right time for cataract surgery.

We use only the top-performing lenses, including the PanOptix, PanOptix Toric, Vivity, Vivity Toric, Synergy, Synergy Toric, Symfony, Symfony Toric, Eyhance, Eyhance Toric, Clareon, Clareon Toric, and Acrysof Toric.

Cataract surgery is covered by insurance, though you might be responsible for copays or co-insurance. Our surgical coordinator will help you determine the cost. The standard (monofocal) lens implant is covered by insurance. Advanced Technology Lens (ATL) implants are out-of-pocket upgrades and competitively priced.

Our surgeons trained at the prestigious Wills Eye Hospital and are among the best surgeons in the region, having performed almost 40,000 procedures and repeatedly named Top Docs by Philadelphia Magazine and their peers. Just as important, we prioritize your understanding and experience. We take time to explain the lens options, help you choose the right option for you, and ensure that you have the best possible vision after surgery.

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