IV-Free Cataract Surgery

Philadelphia Eye Associates is proud to offer a state-of-the-art Office Based Surgical Suite (OBS)!

Philadelphia Eye Associates is committed to staying at the forefront of cataract treatment to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. This year, we have made significant advancements in how we manage sedation during cataract surgery, enhancing both safety and comfort.

IV-Free Cataract Surgery vs. Standard Cataract Surgery

At the hospital, patients require an IV and cannot eat or drink anything before surgery. At Philly Eye, we use oral sedation (Valium) instead of painful needles. This provides a more pleasant experience and a quicker recovery. Plus, there is no need to fast, so you can enjoy your breakfast before surgery!

Our new Office-Based Surgical Suite enables the same safety and success as the ambulatory centers and hospital where we operate with several advantages:

  • The comfort and convenience of a familiar space.
  • A quieter, calmer waiting room to minimize anxiety.
  • Scheduling flexibility and control to avoid delays.

Read Our Patient Experiences!

My experience with Philadelphia Eye Associates was amazing from beginning to end. Cataract surgery was a breeze for both eyes. Dr. Feldman and his team are professional and caring. I made the right choice, so should you!
Dawn B.
“Best decision I have ever made. Very pleased.”
Leon S.
“I was nervous about surgery, but the doctor was very comforting, explained everything, and assured me everything would be okay. That was an understatement, everything went excellent.”
Crystal T.
“It was easy, quick, and painless. The expert Dr. had me feel at ease and very comfortable. I think everyone should get it done. So much easier than getting all the pre-op testing, with this it was not needed. Great experience.”
Brigida G.

IV-Free Frequently Asked Questions

In traditional cataract surgery, the IV needle can cause pain and bruising. Using an oral sedative avoids these issues. Additionally, when taken orally, the medication enters and leaves the body more quickly.

During cataract surgery, patients remain awake. The purpose of the sedative is to enhance comfort, not to induce sleep. Since cataract surgery is a relatively quick procedure, general anesthesia is not required.

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, allowing you to return home within a few hours. The surgery typically takes less than 20 minutes. However, you should arrange for someone to drive you home, as the sedative will still be affecting you. The good news is that by the next day, you should be able to see clearly and feel well enough to resume most of your normal activities.

Philadelphia Eye Associates is home to the top-rated ophthalmologists in the city. We are the only eye care provider in Philadelphia with an in-office surgical suite, offering unique amenities you won’t find elsewhere in the area. Our patients value the convenience and comfort of having surgery at the same location as their other appointments, supported by a team they already trust.

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