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Obagi is a brand of skin care products designed to develop and maintain healthy skin through an advanced line of cleansers, toners, eye creams, sunscreens, serums and other beneficial products.These products, available only from a physician, have been used for many years to improve the appearance of the skin, reduce the signs of aging and treat and prevent some of the most common skin conditions, including acne, rosacea and more. With a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and other natural elements, each product is designed with a distinct function to produce healthy, beautiful skin.

Obagi Nu-Derm Products

Obagi Nu-Derm system is a skin treatment program used alone or in preparation for other procedures to develop and maintain healthy skin. Designed for easy use at home, over six weeks- the time it takes the outer layer of your skin to be replaced with the fresh one beneath- the Nu-Derm system transforms damaged, dry or wrinkled areas into smooth, soft and healthier skin. The products even pigmentation in the skin, rebuild collagen, and improve the color and tone of your face.

ElastiDerm Eye Cream

As ophthalmologists, our patients frequently ask us for a safe, effective eye cream to treat the upper and lower eyelid skin. ElastiDerm is a cream specifically formulated for use around the eyes to reduce the appearance of fine lines and repair the texture of the thin eyelid skin. It is effective around the eyes without causing eye irritation.

Will delete — Obagi® Blue Peel® Chemical Peel

The Obagi® Blue Peel® chemical peel helps to reverse the effects of aging, sun damage and other skin conditions. It improves skin’s appearance by removing dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new ones. The Obagi Blue Peel chemical peel can be used by nearly anyone, regardless of skin color and type. A superficial-to-medium-depth peel, it is usually used on the face, but can be used on the neck, chest, hands, back, arms and legs. The Obagi Blue Peel chemical peel is used to treat:

Fine Lines


Acne Scars

Large Pores


It is not recommended for pregnant women, and should be performed in a physician’s office.

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