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Many of you are doing extensive research into refractive surgery before making your decision whether to have this exciting procedure. Equally important as to whether this is right for you, is which surgeon and laser center is best. This is a decision not to be taken lightly and there are many factors to be considered.

Experience, Safety, & Best Results Possible

Most would agree that the most important concern is getting the safest and best surgery. After all, these are your only pair of eyes and replacements are not available. At Philadelphia Eye Associates, we have performed thousands of LASIK’s, safely, and with some of the best results available. We would be happy to share our latest data with you. Additionally, our surgeons have taught LASIK to more other surgeons than any doctors in the area and are experts in the field.

Affordable LASIK From Experienced Surgeons

While getting the best vision is most important, cost is something everyone considers. There are many low cost LASIK centers. Philadelphia Eye Associates does not do cut rate LASIK surgery. Eyesight is too important to cut corners. Our commitment is to the best surgery, not the cheapest. The laser centers where we work use only the latest technology, the best trained staff and provide complete care from the beginning to the end and beyond. Most cut rate centers charge extra for many items and provide no long term care. Additionally, some surgeons at cut rate laser centers have little experience and no commitment to our area, so long term care of your eyes is not always assured.

Restore Your Vision With Philadelphia Eye Associates

At Philadelphia Eye Associates, we do make the best LASIK affordable with discounts for certain insurance’s, and payment plans with low monthly payments. Additionally, we accept all major credit cards. Please ask how we can help you get the finest eye surgery in the area performed by our Wills Eye Hospital trained surgeons.

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Wills eye Hospital

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Wills Northeast Consultation Office

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