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What Is Visian ICL And Is It Right For You?

Visian ICL, also known as the Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a cutting edge technology and minimally invasive procedure used to help correct the most common visual problem, near-sightedness (known as myopia). Unlike LASIK or laser vision correction, Visian ICL is a reversible procedure. Visian ICL is an ultra-thin lens implant that is an attractive alternative to other procedures used to correct near-sightedness.  The Visian ICL is an additive vision correction procedure—it adds a corrective lens to fix nearsightedness.

Amazingly, Visian ICL can correct or significantly reduce nearsightedness of up to -20D (nearly twice that of LASIK!). Candidates for Visian have between -3D to -20D of nearsightedness. In January 2019, the FDA approved the Visian Toric ICL which can correct up to 4D of astigmatism! We are pleased to be able to provide this new technology at Philadelphia Eye Associates.

Biocompatible Material

Visian ICL’s proprietary lenses are made of biocompatible Collamer. That means the lens material works in harmony with the natural chemistry of your eye and body. Because the procedure avoids removing or reshaping the eye (specifically, the cornea) it means that vision correction can be achieved while minimizing the induction of dry eye syndrome associated with LASIK.

The Visian ICL Procedure & Recovery

The Visian ICL procedure has been refined down to a quick and comfortable process. Most procedures are completed within 20-30 minutes or less. With a minimally invasive procedure, many achieve improved vision nearly immediately.

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Visian ICL Results

99% of patients report satisfaction with the Visian ICL and many achieve excellent night vision.  Even patients who do not qualify for LASIK due to thin or steep corneas may be great candidates for Visian ICL.

The Visian ICL Surgical Procedure

Visian Testimonials

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