In the early 1990's, refractive surgery experienced the dawning of a new era with the advent of the Excimer Laser. The excimer laser uses a cool light beam to remove corneal tissue from the inner cornea. The beam of the laser is so accurate that it can cut notches in a single strand of human hair. Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis, LASIK, uses the excimer laser in combination with a laser generated flap to correct the distance prescription of both eyes in less than 15 minutes, and can help eliminate your dependency on contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia PA | Willingboro NJ
LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia PA | Willingboro NJ
LASIK Surgery | Philadelphia PA | Willingboro NJ

The LASIK Procedure

LASIK is performed on an outpatient basis using only numbing eye drops to reduce any potential discomfort. The entire surgery takes less than 5 minutes to perform, although patients can expect to spend a few hours at the doctor's office. If requested, patients can receive an oral sedative prior to surgery to reduce any anxieties about the procedure.

During the LASIK procedure, the patient lies down in a reclining chair as the doctor positions the laser precisely over the eye. A speculum is used to keep the eye open while the eye is cleaned and anesthetic eye drops are administered. A corneal flap is created with either a blade or a laser. The surgeon gently lifts the surface of the cornea aside, enabling the excimer laser to reshape the curvature of the cornea.

The excimer laser delivers customized pulses of light energy based on each patient's prescription. The measurements for customization are determined prior to surgery, with the precise positioning confirmed prior to the start of the procedure. The second eye is treated immediately after the first. Following the surgery, the patient is provided with a protective shield to protect the eyes from bright lights.

What Can LASIK do for me?

LASIK can truly change your life. You can experience the freedom of seeing clearly when playing sports, swimming, even something as simple as seeing the alarm clock when getting up in the morning.

Laser vision correction was first approved in America by the Food and Drug Administration in November 1995, although, the first laser procedure was performed in Germany back in 1987. To date, there have been over 30 million laser vision procedures performed throughout the world.

What Laser Vision Correction Means to You:

  • No more hassles with broken eye glass frames
  • No more fidgeting with contacts every morning and night
  • No more showers without seeing the soap

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